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What Cosmetic Companies To Declare War On Smog This Market Segment Is A Bit Difficult
Mar 01, 2017

Represented by the Smog City "toxic air" are for cosmetics companies to bring new business opportunities.

Since 2013 74 Chinese cities start monitoring and real-time PM2.5 data are published, the "anti fog" skin care products into the sight of Chinese consumers.

Haitao App of the fire in the little red book, a "anti fog" firm's drug store brands products are produced IHADA PM2.5 spray. Website that this product uses patented technology of ion exclusion prevents the pollen in the air and PM2.5 skin adsorption. Another well-known drug store brands-Posay use "retinol" to stop the pollution substances on the skin. According to the company's Science Director Dominique Moyal said Redermic r series repair sunscreen on skin surface damage repair functions, "the cuticle softening will stimulate cell regeneration, which can improve skin luster and whitening. "

Adsorption of contaminants is the source of smog damage to the skin.

Olay Frauke Neuser, lead researcher Dr says "PM2.5 because they are too large to penetrate into the skin. But the PM2.5 particle adsorption on hundreds of chemicals, from pesticides and heavy metal rings Fang Jing, HCs brings together more than 200 kinds of chemicals, these chemicals are small enough, can penetrate into the skin cells. "The outbreak of these chemicals will also promote free radicals on skin collagen, elastin and DNA has a negative impact, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, and dry skin.

On the development of European and American companies in the anti-pollution products has done a lot of work. Mintel research Vivienne Rudd, head of market information in Britain said: "whether in the anti-pollution products of conceptions is still on the market, are marching ahead in the West, and in the next few years will be even better. "

Launched by American cosmetics giant Procter and Gamble's Olay total effects 7-in-1 anti wrinkle emulsion contains antioxidant vitamin B3, strengthens skin defense, reduce the UV damage. Isolation yilishabai·yadun Orange-Chan sun cream is a mixture of including p-benzoquinone (Idebenone), including a variety of antioxidants, ya company referred to it as "the most effective antioxidant item."

Belong to the same antioxidant category with Chanel's tenth emulsion, which launched with a New York dermatologist Amy Wechsler, needles containing antioxidant tea extracts. When in Beijing tested 72 women, 79% said in this emulsion and a month later, their skin significantly less affected by air pollution.

Apart from the isolation and antioxidant, and repair products and the focus of anti-pollution products category. Estee Lauder Yue source of wood, its cooperation with the integrated physician Dr Andrew Weil, Dr Wei launched excellent protective essential oils at night to repair skin moisture levels. Not long ago, Clinique introduced a uniform colour fade essence to solve skin problems due to pollution.

In fact, the pollution is not just a matter of outdoor, UK Dyson technology limited studies show that: "the cooking smoke, pollen and dust can cause skin to pollution in the indoor outdoor 5 times. "

"Poison air" war is making the cosmetic company opens a potential market segments, however, consumer confidence seems to be not so easy to obtain. "Fog-resistant cosmetic", for example, micro-signal to the public eyes for 615, a consumer survey shows that up to 65% think "anti fog cosmetics does not use, it's just a stunt"; 18% said they would not buy; also 3% of consumers that use but to no avail.