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Tips For Using Eyebrow Powder
Jul 17, 2017

Eyebrow powder belongs to a kind of eyebrow tool, general to boxed mostly, basically will have 2-3 kinds of color, have deep, with the use, or mix out their own colors. Eyebrow powder is the use of eyebrow painting dipped in eyebrow powder evenly on the eyebrows, from the eyebrows to the end of the direction of the eyebrow, gently force to evenly, than with eyebrow strokes to the eyebrows to be natural.

Comb the eyebrows, with the spiral eyebrow brush, follow the eyebrow growth direction, from the brow to the top of the eyebrow, then from the eyebrow to the eyebrow end, Eyebrow Powder will slowly comb the eyebrows.

Use eyebrow powder to draw natural eyebrow type with brush in brow position brush on the right amount of eyebrow powder, color as far as possible choose lighter, brighter eyebrow powder mainly, increase concentration.

The color of the eyebrows should be evenly before the end of the painting, Eyebrow Powder and then take out eyebrow pencil will just have the middle color is not connected, or uneven place fill, let eyebrow color more evenly.

After completing these steps, comb your eyebrows again.


Choose the right color for you, eyebrow powder is mainly related to hair color, then consider the skin color and the thick eyebrows of the problem, because the daytime light is not suitable for the dark makeup, will make people feel a bit strange, dark light at night, Eyebrow Powder so the dark system to make people feel very natural and environment!

Generally you buy eyebrow powder with some hard brush, when the color will be uneven, you can find a soft wool woven brush, and then find a pencil, color and eyebrow powder similar!

The eyebrows must be repaired first!

Eyebrow powder Usage difference is more, because their texture is not the same, in which the water is thinner, suitable to discharge the eyes, or to remove the thin skin on the lips, Eyebrow Powder because a lot of oil in the eye makeup removal, and is some more easily into our eyes, causing people's eyes blurred and so on all over the discomfort, make-up remover milk, makeup remover oil is actually almost the same, most people are more like makeup oil, because more comfortable, and unloading more clean.

Remover is very simple, clean the hands first, and then dry, remember to make sure it is dry hands before the makeup (unless your makeup products have other special requirements), then take the appropriate amount of make-up remover products, and then in the palm of the hand, and then put on the face, in order to beat the circle of skin massage, especially do not forget the nostrils of these easy to card powder position. Such as face makeup is almost dissolved with the flow of water washed away, and then clean face cleanser, such as cleansing products can be washed, this massage-style make-up remover is more suitable for remover oil, and you are full face makeup remover, I recommend this, Eyebrow Powder do not feel makeup oil must be too thick, you choose the product will not be wrong, and foundation is in the pores, you use the massage type of unloading more clean, makeup remover water massage up less comfortable.

Makeup a little trouble, if it is affixed false eyelashes have nothing to do, not the words, you have to first use the appropriate amount of makeup cotton eye Lip makeup remover on the eyes, and so on after dissolving, and then use the way to tell you to use makeup oil massage face, Eyebrow Powder and then take a little makeup oil massage around the eyes, good dismount before the rest of the remaining residual eye makeup, a little patience can completely discharge the eyeliner is very clean, if you are afraid to unload the words, with cotton stick dipped in the makeup lotion, The other hand slightly pulls the eyelid a little bit and then wipes it with a cotton stick. The rest of the steps are the same as previously said.

We want to be clear, we usually use the eyebrow powder of the difference is relatively large, but we choose, according to their own skin to choose, only suitable for their own use of some cosmetics. To protect your skin is the most beneficial, we would like to remember.