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Tips For Using Eyebrow Pencils
Oct 17, 2017

Eyebrow Pencil is one of the most basic tools necessary for women's daily life, and now on the market, a variety of cosmetics, choose a good eyebrow pencil can achieve a multiplier effect. So, what should pay attention when buying eyebrow pencil, what kind of eyebrow pencil color suits oneself?

Eyebrow Pencil's purchase skill and the use method, lets you quickly have Meimei's eyebrow pencil even if you are not often makeup person, also must prepare an eyebrow pencil beside. The appearance of eyebrow pencil is almost all the same as that of pencils. Select the eye makeup eyebrow pencil, Eyebrow Pencil the core of the material slightly with some beauty knowledge to buy the heart, generally hard pen core easier to control the color depth.

Category of Eyebrow pencil:

There are many kinds of eyebrow pencil, has the automatic free cutting eyebrow pencil, the thickness of different pencil-core pencil, with automatic pen-pencil function, some end with eyebrow brush, some need to sharpen the pen. Can be based on their own needs, preferences and acceptable prices to buy. Eyebrow Pencil Eyebrow pencil from color to classify, to black, brown two colors are most common, the pen has two kinds of plastic and wood, Eyebrow Pencil and then with metal or plastic pen.

Tips for choosing eyebrow Pencil:

When choosing eyebrow Pencil, the length of the pen must conform to the rules. The core should be close to the pen, no loose phenomenon, the hardness of the core should be moderate, the color should be near the hair color is good, a little light can also, do not use too deep, too dark color, Eyebrow Pencil that will look very fierce. It is usually good for grey-black. Everyone used to like to use coffee, it seems to know is painted eyebrows, not nature. If you must use Brown, you can mix with black and gray. The current eye makeup emphasizes the consistency of the eyebrows and eyes, Eyebrow Pencil so the eyebrows can also be painted with the same color eye shadow powder, it will look pretty good.

How to use eyebrow pencil:

Brow and nose and lips into a straight line.

Eyebrow to be painted in the corner of the eyes of the pupil that vertical up the place.

To draw a straight line in the end of the eye and the corners of the mouth.

Eyebrow pencil use skills in the aspect of the eyebrow is also very important, one is the horizontal grip strokes,. The vertical grip and the Wenxiu stitches these three kinds of, these three kinds of methods of the thrush is also more common in daily life we can also carry out such gestures operation, Eyebrow Pencil below we briefly introduce.

1. Horizontal grip: Eyebrow pencil tip to the left, with the right hand thumb, forefinger, middle finger clenched pen, so that the first 1/4 of the eyebrow pencil is close to the middle finger, the first to second joint of the index finger affixed to the pen, thumb pressure pen, eyebrow pencil and arm 90 degrees, In the rotation of the ulna and the radius, the eyebrow pencil is converted from the vertical state to the horizontal state, Eyebrow Pencil and the action of the embroidered eyebrow is completed. This method applies to the left eyebrow of the subject and the right brow.

2. Vertical grip strokes: Eyebrow pencil needle forward, with the thumb, forefinger, middle finger holding pen method similar to hold the eyebrow pencil before---embroidery needle disinfection-ready to ornamentation pigment 1/4 (different place, the middle finger should be kept straight), ring finger, pinky straight for Fulcrum supporting role, eyebrow pencil and arm is straight, With the increase of the wrist and the lower pressure, the eyebrow pencil is converted from the vertical state to the horizontal state to complete the eyebrow-embroidered action. Eyebrow Pencil The longitudinal eyebrow embroidery method is suitable for the left eyebrow of the person who has been embroidered and the right brow.

3. Embroidery Stitch: Whether vertical grip or horizontal grip strokes, the first step: the needle tip should all simultaneously press down the skin, causes the skin to produce the sunken; the second step: press down the skin at the same time push the needle, so that the skin forward to maximize; step three: Gently lift the needle, but not the needle to leave the skin; (The transverse grip uses the rotation of the ulna and radius, the vertical grip of the hand, using the lower pressure of the wrist to complete), so that the needle starts from the top of the skin in turn, until the shortest stitch. When the tip is completely off, the shortest needle cannot stir upwards, Eyebrow Pencil and the skin cannot exceed $number mm.

The above is the use of eyebrow pencil skills and use methods, eyebrows if not thick can be carried out, can be decorated with eyebrow pencil before the eyebrow can also be trimmed eyebrow, eyebrows are mainly to do a certain gesture of operation, to avoid the use of hair than the color of a deeper eyebrow pencil, must choose with hair color similar to the eyebrow pencil, For the choice of eyebrow pencil must choose a suitable for their eyebrow pencil, but also with the use of eye makeup, the entire makeup look more natural and more perfect.