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The Use Of Eyebrow Powder Steps
Aug 09, 2017

Want a perfect makeup, it is necessary to proceed from the details, like the popular mixed makeup, want to hair color, the pupil and hair to be impeccable, it is easier to ignore the makeup inside the eyebrow, the most common is the use of eyebrow Powder to make eyebrow makeup, eyebrow powder is also best to choose and color similar to the color, the specific reference steps are as follows:

The first step

Choose the right color for you, eyebrow powder is mainly related to hair color, and then consider the color and eyebrows thick and thin problem, Eyebrow Powder because the daylight light is not suitable for dark makeup, make people feel a bit weird, at night The light is dark, so the dark color makes people feel very natural and the environment ride!

The second step

In general you buy the eyebrow powder with some hard brush, brush out when the color will be uneven, you can find a soft hair of the brush, Eyebrow Powder and then find a eyebrow pencil, color and eyebrow powder similar!

Girls want their beauty, out of the painting before painting for most of the girls has become a necessary step, make-up table dazzling array of cosmetics, Eyebrow Powder and sometimes anxious to forget to forget that, remember to bring Cosmetics out of makeup, but always find themselves forget to forget this, or forget that, how to do this situation? Fortunately, now make up a lot of things can be a multi-purpose, eyebrow powder is also the case, hastily go out to forget the eye shadow? Replace it with eyebrows!

Most of the girls eyebrow powder is mainly dark brown, brown, black these colors, mainly to meet the Asian hair color, but some people dyed hair, the eyebrow color will change, Eyebrow Powder these temporary Do not mention, the basis of the eyebrow color is very suitable for the color of the earth color, but the texture of the eyebrow powder and eye shadow is different, the powder is more fluffy powder, makeup force is not strong, so when the eye shadow is easier to halo makeup, So the proposal is not a last resort Do not replace eye shadow Yo.

First of all we take dark brown covered with the entire eyelid, to create a sense of silhouette, so that the eyelids do not look so swollen, eye shadow brush from the end of eye color, deepen our double fold fold, if you go out without a cosmetic brush, you can also use Eyebrow powder which comes with eyebrow brush instead, Eyebrow Powder or finger is also possible, the next eye shadow and do not forget, eye shadow to the bottom of the eye can be.

As long as we choose the color of the eyebrow powder, with eyebrow powder to draw a good eye shadow completely no problem Oh ~, of course, eyebrow powder and eye shadow can replace each other, but after all, is not the same texture, or to choose their own Color, good picture, then the effect is better than our eye shadow effect Oh