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The Method Of Descriptive Eyebrow Pencil
Aug 18, 2017

1: Eyebrow Pencil----Choose eyebrow pencil to notice, black hair use gray more natural, the use of brown is softer, and dyed red, purple, wine red, yellow hair color suitable for brown or light brown eyebrow pencil, the effect more harmonious ~ painting eyebrows should pay attention to the direction of growth in the eyebrows in the place of a painting, make it natural comely, finally with eyebrow brush from brow to eyebrow tail light sweep a few below can (usually eyebrow pencil is equipped with eyebrow brush), avoid a pen to tail--very contrived rigid, Eyebrow Pencil give a person outdated affectation feeling!

2: First of all to find the top and bottom of the eyebrows, and then the brow, eyebrow, eyebrow tail three points of the position of the line, get is the basis of the eyebrow-shaped, the second, and then pull out the superfluous eyebrow or trim a long eyebrow.

3: When painting eyebrows, always remember a rule, is "first difficult after easy", Eyebrow Pencil first draw not too smooth side, then draw more convenient side. Because the first eyebrow painting is always more good-looking. Basic descriptive:

A, Brow Shang The thickest part, basically motionless is wonderful.

B, the highest point of eyebrow eyebrows, is the key to determine the style of eyebrows.

C, eyebrow tail eyebrow tail, from the nose-canthus-eyebrow tail into a straight line of the eyebrow shape most natural. Step1: Take eyebrow as the basis point, the light color eyebrow powder spreads to eyebrow tail and brow respectively. If the eyebrows are too long, Eyebrow Pencil pay attention to fill the full eyebrow. When the eyebrow powder should always check the mirror, in case the coating too thick.

Step2: With a slightly darker eyebrow pencil to the eyebrows sparse part and not full eyebrow tail, a root to add painting. Choose the color of the eyebrow pencil according to the color of hair and skin. A person with a thick brow can only be drawn in a distance to see the shape of the eyebrow.

Step3: Use a spiral eyebrow brush to comb the eyebrows neatly, Eyebrow Pencil so that the eyebrows with the original eyebrows into one, so that you can take care of the natural effect. Pay attention to the habit of using eyebrow brush after the thrush.

How to use eyebrow stroke eyebrow

Eyebrows is the whole makeup of the eye of the pen, as the saying goes, "eyelashes are women's weapons," and "eyebrows are the lifeblood of women." Now everyone is improving their makeup level, Eyebrow Pencil but the thrush is also the first choice for everyone to make up, so the eyebrows of the painting by the majority of fashion advocates. Because the different shape of the eyebrows determines the impression of passing the person. Eyebrow Pencil The straight eyebrow type gives the person the impression of being able and aware; Eyebrow eyebrow type has a feminine impression. But no matter what eyebrow type has the basic point, below for you to share the eyebrows of the painting.

1 first with the color effect is not obvious hard pencil, gently draw a thrush tail, filling sparse sparse thinning eyebrows root.

2 Just like this, but do not draw the eyebrow tail too long and drooping, Eyebrow Pencil to look at their face to find the right balance.

3 also fills the line with poor white space.

4 then again with a pen to draw a picture, Eyebrow Pencil in addition to the eyebrows on the front of the overall eyebrows. The first painting of the whole will make the sparse thinning part paler.

5 Then, with the real Light thrush product, slightly draw the eyebrows front end. Do not draw too heavy.

6 Complete! Neat natural eyebrows. Pretty good, huh?