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Mascara Creates An Abundance Of Bushy Eyelashes
Aug 30, 2017

Long eyelashes, let girls look energetic and smart. Today's mascara In addition to the makeup effect, there are nourishing ingredients, so that you wear mascara every day at the same time can also give the eyelash nutrition ingredients, the passage, not worry about the eyelashes long.

The mascara is divided into two kinds. The length of the general fiber is not many, can be lengthened. The fiber of the encryption is much longer than the slender. Mascara It is best to unload when using makeup remover, because the mascara dry more hard, so it is easy to unload the time of their eyelashes also pulled off. Mascara is not an eyelash growth solution, so it will, of course, be restored. You want to grow naturally with eyelash growth liquid.

The composition of mascara is similar, Mascara basically is composed of wax, film-forming agent, fiber, a few moisturizing ingredients and coloring agent.

A variety of different efficacy of the mascara is just to make these components according to different proportions of it ~ For example, the longer-range mascara fiber content is more, and waterproof type of mascara more gum.

Brush Head

Decide whether a mascara can create the desired effect in everyone's mind, Mascara brush head is very important, this is why the major brands are like to special brush head to do for the publicity focus!

First of all, the mascara according to the efficacy can be divided into four major categories: the normal thick, curly, slender and more specific to the details of the special brush head.

We'll take a look at these brushes. What are the characteristics of each and what kind of crowd?

Dense type

Thick Mane Brush Head


This is the most common type of brush head, nylon material, large enough, Mascara thick enough bristles, so you can attach more paste, to create an abundance of dense eyelashes effect.


But it is more easy to appear caking and fly leg situation, Mascara use do not repeatedly daub, first concentrated in the eyelash root smear after the thickening effect, and then a small amount of smear in the eyelash end.

Suitable for the crowd:

Eyelash long but not thick enough for a sister paper.

Buy Mascara is exquisite, the right choice mascara can create thick, slender, curly eyes:

Arc-shaped spiral brush head

This brush head can be in the brush lashes, Mascara better from the root of the eyelash brush, to create a thick curl of the effect, but also to lift eyelashes, increase the length of eyelashes, with the bending of the part of the eyelash to brush oh.

Long Straight spiral Brush head

This brush head mascara is very suitable for our oriental use, Mascara and long and thick brush head can let us do not thick eyelashes become more layered, mascara can be very evenly attached to the eyelash brush, used very simple.

Comb Type brush Head

This brush head can penetrate each eyelash, deepen eyelash smear, is eyelashes look more coarse, instant thick many, but also root trenchant, more suitable for eyelashes not very dense meimei use.

Thickening Mascara

Most mm like to choose this mascara, because who do not want thick thick eyelashes, but note that this mascara will be thicker, will be easy to make eyelashes entangled together, so if used, Mascara to practice more, technology to avoid this problem!

Club-shaped fiber brush head

Basically can say no eyelash mm more suitable for this one, Mascara it with fiber to replace brush hair, more soft, will not hurt the eye skin, and fiber will not touch the eyelids, if the eyelash is relatively short, this paragraph will be very useful.