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Imported Cosmetics Represent The Quality? Recently The General Administration Of Quality Supervision On Black List
Mar 01, 2017

Now, with the adjustment to import duties, more and more imports into the domestic market, its safe and effective product impression sweeping the Chinese market, by the majority of young consumers of all ages. Therefore, many local enterprises are also concerned about imports, a branch will be supplemented by imports of the product architecture, or to the national agency directly responsible for the import operation.
But, in fact, engaged in import of cosmetics is not a big profit lift.
On June 1, the AQSIQ released April 2016 unqualified imported food and cosmetics information, a total of 237, including substandard cosmetics accounted for 14 batches involving ya coach bright eyes-production designer di Frost, rvnovassari products such as Whitening mask, included Germany, South Korea, France and so on.
According to the chart display, Weihai Yong cosmetics co operation of Korean products imported products "according to Zhuo anti wrinkle eye cream" has detected excessive vitamins, to return.
In addition, the Shanghai service import and export co operation in Bulgaria "Chamomile water (semi-finished products)" colony was detected, and were destroyed. Same products are destroyed due to failure to submit the relevant proof of Feng Wei management (Shanghai) limited-run Spanish products "rvnovassari Whitening mask", Weihai kalaierxiya trading limited-run Korean products "Lady Jin Weipin series repair cream", and permit incompatible goods Shanghai Fang star import-export trade limited-run British products "rose moisturizing milk."
General Administration of quality supervision said that unqualified cosmetic problems mentioned above is at the port of entry inspection and quarantine inspection and quarantine institutions find, legally be returned, destroyed or converted to other uses, the failed batches of cosmetics are not sold in the domestic market.
Thus, imported cosmetic products quality but it's uneven, some even "three cards are not all" in an attempt to "squelch" into the mainland market. Small c remind the reader, imports did not represent good quality land and brand doesn't mean unsafe, the public does not have to have limits on the imports, and local companies in Polish eyes at the same time, more attention to presence of products for compliance with standards.