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Homemade Cosmetics Rise Cosmetics Company Coming Of Spring
Mar 01, 2017

In recent years, due to sluggish department store industry as a whole and the strong rise of domestic cosmetics brand, has mass market "Yang back" phenomenon. Statistics show that in the past five years, foreign capital in the popular skin care products market share decreased from 60% to 45%, and in stark contrast to the domestic cosmetics rise, cosmetics company ushered in the spring. In the popular cosmetics, domestic brands is gradually achieved market dominance. Prices are close to the people, on the other hand difference breakout for domestic consumers more effectively, are the main causes of success brand converse. Many customers say: two years of domestic cosmetics has a great deal of change, looks close to large brand design. In terms of price, thousands of luxury cosmetics homemade cosmetics and nowadays compared to do people a lot.

Some analysts pointed out that, this two-year domestic cosmetics brand efforts into product development, price is "close to the people." The rise of Chinese local brand on low-end cosmetics market, gradually squeezed the living space of foreign brands, especially in e-commerce and cosmetics stores in two new channels in recent years, a domestic brand prevailed from the outset, foreign cosmetics have been hit even more highlights. At present, the global cosmetics raw material shares on domestic and international manufacturing technology and equipment from getting closer, the quality difference is constantly reduced. Especially in recent years, the domestic cosmetics industry grew faster, than foreign investment. Despite the challenges of a global economic slowdown, China's cosmetics retail market growth momentum continued unabated. According to the relevant statistics in 2015, China's cosmetics retail trade size close to 500 billion yuan, of which domestic cosmetics rise. By 2018, this scale will exceed 800 billion.