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Features Of The Eyebrows
Jul 17, 2017

Eyebrows are human-specific, eyebrows in a dream of Red mansions, Lin Daiyu eyebrows, is called "frown", eyebrows on people convey emotions, but also exchange feelings, not to see people say eye. Eyebrows in the dirty aspect is the liver-qi of the outside, is also the main control of emotions. Eyebrows and personality, so there is "Hengmeilengdui cold to" the word, eyebrows are to represent the mood of the out, only enraptured to say it.

Chinese doctors believe that much more gas and blood in the place of hairy. So from the eyebrows can be seen in the actual situation of Qi and blood, you can also see a of people's temperament. People with thick eyebrows and thick brows love to worry. Brows The person with weak eyebrows is short of blood and is idle. People to old age, eyebrows more than a few long eyebrows, this is called "Shou Eyebrow", is a yang chi foot of an elephant. So much blood, people can live long. If people are nervous and anxious, they love to lock their eyebrows. Eyebrow shedding, Brows is a wind disease of a change, is the Yang Qi, blood failure of the elephant.

Zeng Guofan thinks: "Eyebrow admires luster." Good eyebrow performance in four aspects, namely ' comely and shiny ', ' hydrophobic ', ' bend long potential ', ' high-spirited god '. That is to say, eyebrows should have light, gas, potential, God. Usually, young people's eyebrows are relatively bright, and the elderly eyebrows tend to be relatively dry and lack of luster. This is because young people have strong vitality, and the old people's vitality began to decline.

The brightness of the eyebrows can be divided into three layers: the first is the brow, the second layer is the eyebrow, the third layer eyebrow tail. The more layers, the better the impression, Brows the more the other person's help, the greater the likelihood of success. So people who have bright eyebrows think that they are very lucky people.

From the classification of eyebrows to see a person's personality characteristics, there are four main aspects.

First, according to the length of the eyebrows, can be divided into long eyebrows and short eyebrows.

1. Long eyebrow (length over eyes)

Eyebrows long person most temperament gentle, magnanimous, more heavy feelings, Brows not easy to lose temper, is a good deal of everything, but this kind of person sometimes easy sentimental.

2. Short eyebrow (length not exceeding eyes)

Eyebrow short person, temperament is and long eyebrow person opposite, more selfish irritability, not easy to compromise with people, but sometimes also sentimental, and family's fate shallow, easy and they make a stiff relationship.

Second, according to the eyebrows of the shades, can be divided into eyebrows, Brows light eyebrows and sparse eyebrows.

1. Eyebrows

Eyebrow thick like with ink painting, this kind of eyebrow is arrogant and stubborn, self-awareness is relatively strong, not easy to be affected by others, treat people not modest and sincere. Fortunately, this kind of heart machine is not deep, straightforward nature, but also quite popular, as long as the efforts, Brows career also can succeed.

2. Light Eyebrow

If the eyebrow color is very light, even is baimei, then the person is not sensitive enough to respond, the mind is also simple. Although people have no ambition, but the work is still relatively hard, with the most basic quality of success.

3. Sparse Eyebrow

The eyebrows are far from seeming. This kind of person, introverted, outwardly quiet, subjective rational, not easy to impulsive, but emotional temper. Work study lacks the ambition, gathers with the family member to be few, moreover own health also is not very ideal.

Again, according to the thickness of the eyebrows, can be divided into coarse eyebrows and fine eyebrows.

1. Thick Eyebrow

Thick eyebrows represent a strong liver-QI, a general's brow. This person is always positive, manly, of course, this kind of person in the work is also very easy to impulsive, bad will become foolhardy.

2. Fine Eyebrow

That is, eyebrow fine as silk, most women have such a brow, such a person's personality is more negative, indecisive. If it is a man, most of it is a sissy, even a homosexual tendency.

Finally, according to the shape of the eyebrows, Brows can be divided into the following categories.

1. Triangular brow

Commonly known as the Warrior Eyebrow, the so-called killer or samurai, most of them have this kind of eyebrow. This kind of person resolute and decisive, cruel and ruthless, not afraid to encounter setbacks, but more self, not easy to be controlled by others.

2. A brow

The eyebrow shape is like the word in block letters, also has the weight cent. The person with thick eyebrows, bold, strong will, speak loudly and sternly, a person with a thin brow, stubborn personality, lack of patience, but may become a wise man.

3. Knife Eyebrow

Eyebrow shape such as knife (kitchen knife square) of the person, its heart such as knives, this kind of person is smart and decisive, do not know how to be tactful, Brows sharp don't talk about human feelings, not enough compassion, is completely a pair of upright official appearance.

4. Broom Eyebrow

Divided eyebrows open and eyebrow tail open two kinds of. The brow of the people, often things are almost finished before the whole heart into the person, and the eyebrow tail open the people, doing often half-baked. No matter what kind of people, if not overcome their own shortcomings, the cause is difficult to succeed.

5. Brow

The eyebrows are thicker, but the eyebrow tail bends, showing irregular angular shape, like a willow in spring. There is this eyebrow-shaped people more honest, and friends of the relationship is also relatively harmonious, the only insufficient is the family concept is relatively weak, often for friends and forget home, so friends between the popularity will be good.

6. Crescent Eyebrow

The eyebrows are comely and slender, and the eyebrow tail is slightly upturned, like a crescent moon. People with this kind of eyebrow-shaped temperament, work decisively, popularity is good, but also to share the results with people, so easy to succeed. But it is easy to be deceived by gullible people.

7. Rose Eyebrow

Eyebrow tail up, this kind of person rich murderous and domineering, too strong, not admit defeat, overbearing and unreasonable, very proud, Brows but this self-esteem is often built on the overbearing, also let people very unfavorable and understanding.