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Eyeliner Makes Eye Makeup More Natural
Oct 17, 2017

Recruiter point that eyeliner liquid is specially belong to makeup artist props, but with the women of cosmetics and the understanding of the degree of the deepening of the requirements of the makeup effect of the upgrade, eyeliner liquid also with the times to become a "civilian" products.

Makeup is very necessary! When using eyeliner to draw eyeliner, if you are afraid of the low efficiency of a molding, then use the eyeliner pen to outline it, Eyeliner and then start drawing from the eye head! Draw from the outer corners of the eye to the drawing of about 1 centimeters. Eyeliner in the eye can be applied to some 2 to 3 times, but the eye end of the best part of a molding, and in the tail to tighten!

Many girls because eyeliner than eyeliner color strong and fondle it, but if your eye skin is not too oily, can not be used every day, because it is really a time-consuming matter, Eyeliner usually to wait for a dry after, can draw another. For the eyelids to oil, eyeliner is very suitable for the use of eyeliner is easy to remove makeup, eyeliner is not embarrassing.

The technique of using eyeliner is difficult to master, and to make eye makeup natural, you must practice more. Therefore, it is recommended to use eyeliner when attending special occasions. For example, Eyeliner in front of the camera strong lighting work, need to highlight the eye lines, preferably with black or dark brown eyeliner liquid, high-quality eyeliner will dry faster. Choose a relatively short brush handle, painting eyeliner, small fingers can be on the cheek, so better control and not easy to draw the eyeliner crooked.

Using eyeliner is similar to eyeliner, but you can't rub it. If you like, you can tend to draw obvious eyeliner. Eyes with eyeliner to draw the best eye-liner effect, because you can draw edge comparison between the two eyes symmetry.

The first step of using eyeliner liquid is to shake the liquid bottle first, so that the liquid is even. When you extract the liquid lever, you should carefully remove the excess liquid from the eyeliner on the mouth of the eyeliner. Do not put the liquid on eyelashes when drawing eyeliner, it will be very troublesome. If the liquid is stained on the eyelashes, wipe it immediately, and if it is glued to the face, Eyeliner gently wipe it with a damp cloth or a corner of the paper towel.

With the eye line liquid, don't forget to tighten the bottle, or the liquid will slowly solidify


1. Shake Bottle Body

The first step of using eyeliner liquid is to shake the body of the liner and shake the liquid evenly.

2. Scrape off excess liquid

Take out the eyeliner after the brush head, scrape off the extra eyeliner liquid, so that the liner thickness consistent.

3. Clean the pen body

The pen body that is stained with eyeliner is very easy to get to the eyelid, Eyeliner the eyeliner liquid dries quickly, it is difficult to clean.

4. Practice Drawing

For first-hand eyeliner can be a few strokes on the back of the hand, Eyeliner familiar with eyeliner liquid painting.

5. Create a rally effect

Draw the eye line from 1/3 corners of the eye, and create the effect of projecting the tail.

6. The eye end draws to Canthus

Close to the eyelash root from the eyes of the eye line slowly painted to the corner of the eye, and add thick eye tail lines.

7. Draw Eyeliner

Under the eyeliner is very easy to faint, so need to pounce on honey powder, Eyeliner to prevent liquid eyeliner dizzy open.

8. Wipe with tissue

If you are on your face, gently wipe away the excess liquid with a damp cloth or a corner of the paper towel.