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Eyeliner Maintenance Method
Jul 05, 2017

Many girls are eyeliner than eyeliner strong color and love it, but if your eye skin is not too much oil, do not have to use every day, because it is indeed a very time-consuming thing, usually have to wait for a dry Later, to draw another one. And for the eyelids than the oil, eyeliner is very suitable; use eyeliner is easy to Tuozhuang, eyeliner is not embarrassing.

The use of eyeliner skills is difficult to grasp, Eyeliner in order to make eye makeup natural, must be more practice. It is therefore advisable to use eyeliner when attending special occasions. For example, in the camera before the strong light of the people who need to highlight the eye lines, preferably with black or dark brown eyeliner, high-quality eyeliner will do faster. Choose a relatively short brush handle, when the eyeliner, Eyeliner the little finger can be on the cheek, so that better control and not easy to wink eyeliner.

The method of using eyeliner is very similar to eyeliner, but you can not rub. If you like, you can tend to draw a clear eyeliner. Open eyes with eyeliner eyeliner eyeliner best, Eyeliner because you can draw the edge of the two are symmetrical.

The first step with eyeliner is to shake the eyeliner bottle, so that the liquid evenly. When pulling out the liquid rod, carefully lift the eyeliner with excess liquid and wipe it off the bottle of eyeliner. Eyeliner should not get the liquid on the eyelashes, it would be very troublesome. If the liquid touches the eyelashes, Eyeliner wipe it immediately, and if you stick to your face, gently wipe it gently with a damp cloth or a corner of the paper towel.

How to maintain eyeliner

To avoid the sun exposure, and do not put the refrigerator and other very cold place, will make the eyeliner due to temperature difference and get rid of the place at room temperature like, Eyeliner while each time with a little faster, used up immediately cover is not easy to dry The

Eyeliner with anti-tear, waterproof, anti-sweat, anti-oil, quick-drying and other functions, the pen tip is more soft. Lasting makeup, no blooming. Dermatologists and ophthalmologists test eyeliner more safe than ordinary eyeliner, easy to outline their own eye contours.