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Eyeliner Liquid Makeup Effect Is Good
Aug 30, 2017

Eyeliner liquid is specially belong to makeup artist props, but with the women's awareness of the cosmetics and the degree of the deepening of the requirements of the makeup effect of the upgrade, eyeliner liquid also with the times to become a civilian product. Oriental women often use eyeliner, outlining a more flavor of the eye makeup effect, showing the eyes of the stereo to make up for the lack of deep eyes of the shortcomings. However, how to use eyeliner or eyeliner, many women see it as a tricky, difficult make-up method, would rather avoid it, Eyeliner lest because of a momentary miss, the difficult to draw good eye shadow to destroy together. Eyeliner or eyeliner can emphasize the line of the eye, however, eyeliner can be used to stun the pen to create a softer feeling, for beginners are also easier to manipulate eyeliner to draw the feeling is thicker, the line is relatively more obvious, Eyeliner for the people who draw easily, usually think eyeliner liquid convenient to use a lot. However, regardless of which one you use, you must take into account the quality of eyeliner or eyeliner, Eyeliner preferably of fine texture and low allergy and irritation to the eyes, because the eyes are rather fragile. than the eye line pen, eyeliner liquid has two obvious characteristics: the first is not easy to faint makeup, good durability second is the makeup effect lines smooth, prominent, lifelike, more suitable for emphasis on eyeliner, fashion sense of strong makeup. Because of the dazzling effect of eyeliner and the increased technical content used, Eyeliner it is more suitable for women who often have various parties and large-scale activities.

Eyeliner special design and beauty effect allows you to immediately fall in love with it. The tail button can control the flow of eyeliner freely, according to the personalized requirements outlined fine or thick eyeliner, draw more thick eyeliner can be more than two laps, so that the liquid more abundant, Eyeliner and if you want to outline fine eye makeup, you can less turn two laps. The saturation is quite good, can make the eye bigger and brighter. The soft hardness of the writing is moderate, and there will be no bad control.

In terms of durability, very good, can not be dizzy all day. A simple focus, Eyeliner the effect is very good, those water flow is not smooth eyeliner and it can not be compared, not easy to faint dye, and easy to color, makeup effect is good, novice also easy to master.

Precautions for the use of eyeliner

The technique of using eyeliner is difficult to master, and to make eye makeup natural, you must practice more. Therefore, it is recommended to use eyeliner when attending special occasions. For example, in front of the camera strong lighting work, need to highlight the eye lines, preferably with black or dark brown eyeliner liquid, high-quality eyeliner will dry faster. Choose a relatively short brush handle, painting eyeliner, small fingers can be on the cheek, so better control and not easy to draw the eyeliner crooked.

Using eyeliner is similar to eyeliner, but you can't rub it. If you like, you can tend to draw obvious eyeliner. Eyes with eyeliner to draw the best eye-liner effect, because you can draw edge comparison between the two eyes symmetry.

The first step of using eyeliner liquid is to shake the liquid bottle first, Eyeliner so that the liquid is even. When you extract the liquid lever, you should carefully remove the excess liquid from the eyeliner on the mouth of the eyeliner. Do not put the liquid on eyelashes when drawing eyeliner, it will be very troublesome. Eyeliner If the liquid is stained on the eyelashes, wipe it immediately, and if it is glued to the face, gently wipe it with a damp cloth or a corner of the paper towel. With the eye line liquid, don't forget to tighten the bottle, or the liquid will slowly solidify.