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Eyebrows Are Long And Versatile
Oct 27, 2017

When the eyebrows are painted, the most commonly used item is the eyebrow pencil or eyebrow. Eyebrow pen everyone should be very familiar with, but some people still do not know how to eyebrow powder. Eyebrow powder in the thrush plays a great role, eyebrow powder than the brow painted more gentle and naturally, Eyebrow Powder and gradually become a lot of ladies, models, make-up artist's favorite. So how to thrush the whole eyebrows look more spiritual and temperament, we must carefully pick the eyebrow powder, master the use of eyebrow powder and other related knowledge. Today, Xiaobian with everyone to understand the next eyebrow powder. Hurry to see it

Eyebrow powder can be painted on the eyebrows, from the eyebrows to the direction of the eyebrow tail painted, gently force to even, than with the eyebrow pencil to the eyebrows to be more natural. Eyebrow Powder Matte eyebrow powder can obviously fill the gap between the eyebrows to help modify the eyebrow shape, no eyebrow powder, then any eyebrow color consistent eye shadow can also play the same effect. Advantages: eyebrow powder has a very natural effect, Eyebrow Powder color lasting and versatile. Can be used in the eyebrow pencil used to fix the makeup, can also be used in eyebrows before the gel. With ultra-fine bevel eyebrow brush to draw eyebrow powder to draw. Eyebrow Powder If it looks a little thick, but also in the eyebrows with some loose powder to cover.

Eyebrow eyebrow eyebrow is the most common way, first select the eyebrow powder and hair color is more close to the color. With eyebrow pencils brushing eyebrow powder, from the end of the eyebrows began to sweep, along the direction of the growth of eyebrows and eyebrows contours, Eyebrow Powder and then slowly transition to the brow. When painting the shadow can choose a little darker. With a flat head brush dip eyebrow powder, sweep on both sides of the nose, to create a high nose effect. In addition to the shadow, you can also painting repair capacity Oh! First touch the darker one of the eyebrow color. Draw a 3 in the contours of the face, especially in the position of the cheek, Eyebrow Powder a little forward to draw a little, so you can play the role of face-lift and repair capacity. After painting, with a clean round brush to faint eyebrow fist open. You can play the effect of natural face-lift. Eyebrow powder can also be painted silkworm? This method is generally I do not tell him Oh ~ with a brush to light the eyebrows in the light. With a brush evenly applied in the position of the silkworm, if not obvious can sweep some high light powder, Eyebrow Powder so that silkworm more prominent.

And then diagonal brush to dip a deeper color.

Along the lower part of the silkworm, sketched out a shadow shape.

This is a silk dress to draw a good.