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Eyebrow Pencil Is Used For Thrush Beauty Cosmetics
Sep 30, 2017

Eyebrow pencil is modified eyebrows cosmetics, eyebrow pencil can choose soft and hard and thickness, can help fill the gap between eyebrows, suitable for eyebrows sparse people to use. In the selection of eyebrow pencil, the hardness of the refills should be moderate, the color selection is close to the hair color is appropriate

Eyebrow pencil is used for thrush beauty cosmetics. There are two forms of modern eyebrow pencil, one is pencil-style, the other is push-tube type, Eyebrow Pencil when used to push the pen to the thrush.

Eyebrow pencil is the main component of paraffin, beeswax, ground wax, petrolatum, carnauba wax, lanolin, cocoa butter, carbon black pigments and so on. The above raw materials were made into wax pieces and pressed into a refill in a press machine and bonded to the middle of the two semicircular logs, Eyebrow Pencil in the form of a pencil for use.

Excellent: convenient and quick, suitable for outline eyebrow shape, painted short feather eyebrows, outline eyebrows.

Buy skills

Eyebrow pencil black, brown two colors, the pen has two kinds of plastic and wood, together with metal or plastic pen holder.

Eyebrow pencil and pencil shape although very close, but its raw materials vary. Pencil raw materials graphite, eyebrow pencil is the main raw material of oil (castor oil, lanolin, etc.), wax (sperm wax, wax, wax, etc.) pigments, flavors and so on. The raw materials are mixed, heated, decorated, cooled, Eyebrow Pencil into a group that is rolled into a refill, and then modified processing, the final packaging.

In the selection of eyebrow pencil, the length of the pen must meet the requirements, the appearance of decoration to the United States, Eyebrow Pencil the pen should be close to the pen, no loose phenomenon. The hardness of the refill should be moderate.

Eyebrow color

What kind of color eyebrow pencil best embodies the effect of nature

Whether your eyebrows are thick, if you do not have the habit of eyebrow, a very good cut eyebrow pencil is very practical. Of course, the tail with eyebrow brush the kind of eyebrow pencil will be more flexible use. And the use of eyebrow powder is more complex, it is appropriate to use bristles and hard, brush oblique eyebrow brush, dipped in fine powder to sweep the brush. Eyebrow powder can get a more natural effect, in particular, Eyebrow Pencil can make the sparse eyebrows become more dense, but compared to the use of eyebrow pencil, gestures more attention to skills.

To avoid the use of darker than the hair color of the eyebrow pencil, so as to make the traces of artificial trimming is not obvious. Therefore, even if the hair is dark brown, but also to avoid the use of black eyebrow pencil. If your hair is red or auburn, do not use brown red easily. Eyebrow Pencil If you are blonde or millet, brown hair, please use the middle and cool tone of the eyebrow pencil; such as beige, gray, and even green (for hairdressers). Black hair black eyes, suitable for selection of dark brown or light black, black and gray eyebrow pencil. Be sure to pay special attention to the nuances of these colors.