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Eyebrow Pencil Is Suitable For Outlining Eyebrow Shape
Aug 30, 2017

The main components of eyebrow pencil are paraffin wax, beeswax, wax, mineral grease, Brazilian palm wax, lanolin, cocoa butter, carbon black pigment and so on. The raw material is made into a wax block and pressed into a pen core in the layering machine, and glued to the middle of two semicircular wood strips for use in pencil form.

The eyebrow pencil is convenient and quick, Eyebrow Pencil suitable to outline eyebrow shape, depict short feather-like eyebrows, outline eyebrow tail.

Whether your eyebrows are thick or not, if you do not have the habit of eyebrow-trimming, a good pencil sharpener is very useful. Of course, the tail eyebrow brush of the kind of eyebrow pencil will be more flexible to use. Eyebrow Pencil And the use of eyebrow powder is more complex, it is advisable to brush thin and hard, brush the face oblique eyebrow brush, dipped in powder carefully sweep brush. Eyebrow powder can get a more natural effect, in particular, can make sparse eyebrows become more dense, but compared with the use of eyebrow pencil, Eyebrow Pencil operation gesture more exquisite skill.

Avoid using a darker eyebrow pencil than the hair, so that the traces of man-made dressing are not obvious. Therefore, even if the hair is dark brown, avoid using black eyebrow pencil. Eyebrow Pencil If your hair is red or russet, do not use brown red easily. If you are blonde or millet, brown hair, please choose the medium and cold tones of the eyebrow pencil, such as beige, gray, or even green (blonde). Dark-haired black-eyed person, Eyebrow Pencil suitable for selection of dark brown or light black, dark gray eyebrow pencil. Be sure to pay special attention to the nuances of these colours.

How to use eyebrow pencil to Thrush

Determine the position of brow, eyebrow, eyebrow tail, on the basis of the eyebrows can make you more outstanding.

1. Determine the approximate position of eyebrow first

In the position of eyebrow, use eyebrow pencil gently Draw "ヘ" glyph to mark. Eyebrow Pencil Gently sketch in the vicinity that you think is eyebrow, the location is not very accurate.

2, from eyebrow to eyebrow tail direction, 1.1 points to draw

Along the eyebrow to eyebrow tail direction painted outside the lateral line, eyebrow pencil from inside to outside 1.1 points gently moved. A little bit easier to draw than a stroke.

3, link the upper edge of the line, painted the middle part

From the brow of 1cm to the point where you have just labeled, connect the upper edge of the eyebrows. The eyebrows as skin, Eyebrow Pencil with a slightly afterburner strokes, finishing eyebrow shape.

4, toward the direction of the nose, the thin smear brow part

The brow of the color to light, along the direction of the nose painted. It is more natural to touch the strokes of the eyebrow pencil lightly. Eyebrow Pencil Brow color itself is thick people do not trace eyebrows can also.

5, skillfully use eyebrow brush, the outer edge of the line Halo dye open.

With eyebrow brush the edge of the eyebrow line, along from the brow, eyebrow to eyebrow tail direction, gently slide, do not force too big, the Buddha will make the edge of the line completely disappear.

6, the color of eyebrow pencil and eyebrows of the color integration

Finally, the overall eyebrow tone evenly. Using the front part of the eyebrow brush, it is a trick to put the hairs from the bottom up. When the force must be light, do not get rid of the coloring.

Eyebrow pencil is divided into black, brown two colors, Eyebrow Pencil the pen has two kinds of plastic and wood, and then with metal or plastic pen.

Although the shape of eyebrow pencils and pencil is very close, its raw materials are different. Pencil raw material is graphite, eyebrow Pencil's main raw material is grease (castor oil, lanolin, etc.), wax (whale wax, ash, wax, etc.) and pigments, flavors and so on. The ingredients are mixed, heated, decorated, cooled, Eyebrow Pencil and then rolled into a core, then modified, and finally packaged.

In the selection of eyebrow pencil, the length of the pen must meet the requirements, the appearance of decoration to the United States, the core should be close to the pen, no loosening phenomenon. The hardness of the pen core should be moderate.