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Eyebrow Pencil Can Outline Eyebrow Shape
Sep 21, 2017

Eyebrow pencil Function: The eyebrow is small sparse, the contour is not clear, some flaws even scar, need to draw out obvious eyebrow type or conceal blemish. It is suitable to outline eyebrow shape, depict short feather-shaped eyebrows, outline eyebrow tail.

Eyebrow Pencil's purchase skill and the use method, lets you quickly have Meimei's eyebrow pencil even if you are not often makeup person, also must prepare an eyebrow pencil beside. Eyebrow Pencil The appearance of eyebrow pencil is almost all the same as that of pencils. Select the eye makeup eyebrow pencil, the core of the material slightly with some beauty knowledge to buy the heart, generally hard pen core easier to control the color depth.

Category of Eyebrow pencil:

There are many kinds of eyebrow pencil, has the automatic free cutting eyebrow pencil, the thickness of different pencil-core pencil, with automatic pen-pencil function, some end with eyebrow brush, some need to sharpen the pen. Can be based on their own needs, Eyebrow Pencil preferences and acceptable prices to buy. Eyebrow pencil from color to classify, to black, brown two colors are most common, the pen has two kinds of plastic and wood, and then with metal or plastic pen.

How to choose the eyebrow pencil:

When choosing eyebrow Pencil, the length of the pen must conform to the rules. The core should be close to the pen, no loose phenomenon, the hardness of the core should be moderate, the color should be near the hair color is good, a little light can also, do not use too deep, too dark color, Eyebrow Pencil that will look very fierce. It is usually good for grey-black. Everyone used to like to use coffee, it seems to know is painted eyebrows, not nature. If you must use Brown, you can mix with black and gray. The current eye makeup emphasizes the consistency of the eyebrows and eyes, so the eyebrows can also be painted with the same color eye shadow powder, it will look pretty good.

How to use eyebrow pencil:

Brow and nose and lips into a straight line.

Eyebrow to be painted in the corner of the eyes of the pupil that vertical up the place.

The eyebrow end must draw in and the eye tail and the corners of the mouth oblique line position.

-like, eye makeup choice eyebrow pencil color, Eyebrow Pencil according to their own color. However, with brown eyebrow pencil painted eyebrows more natural harmony, can also be based on the face of the shade to determine the shade of the eyebrows, while the brown eyebrow pencil is more suitable for eyebrow tattoo failure after the brow adjustment.