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Eyebrow Pen Use Skills
Aug 09, 2017

Eyebrow pencil for thrush. This explanation is almost repeated a common sense. Eyebrow pencil appearance is almost like a pencil, and some at the other end with eyebrow comb. Choose eyebrow pencil, the refills of the material to be slightly some beauty knowledge to buy the Heart, the general harder pen easy to control the color depth.

Eyebrow pencil can choose hard and hard, and can help fill the gap between the eyebrows, suitable for eyebrows sparse people to use. Eyebrow powder can be mixed color, Eyebrow Pencil increase the overall natural effect, for beginners easy to get started.

When buying eyebrow pencil, to choose and color similar to the color, Asian girls generally use brown and black more appropriate. If the hair is made, then according to the hair color selection. Choose a lighter than the hair color of the eyebrow pencil (powder). Asian women are more suitable for brown, Eyebrow Pencil try not to use black completely, make eyebrows look too serious.

In the choice of eyebrow pencil, Eyebrow Pencil pay attention to the following two points

1, soft texture of the skin without damage

2, easy to color

Eyebrow pencil black and brown two colors, pen with plastic and wood two, together with a metal or plastic pen holder.

Eyebrow pencil and pencil shape although very close, but its raw materials vary. Pencil raw material is graphite, eyebrow pencil is the main raw material of oil (castor oil, lanolin, etc.), wax (sperm wax, wax, wax, etc.) and pigments, flavors and so on. Mix these raw materials, heat, trim, cool, Eyebrow Pencil become a group after the roll into the refill, and then modified processing, the final packaging.

In the selection of eyebrow pencil, the length of the pen must meet the requirements, the appearance of the decoration to the United States, the pen should be close to the pen, no loose phenomenon. The hardness of the refill should be moderate.

Eyebrow pencils in the use of skills in the eyebrows is also very critical, Eyebrow Pencil one is the horizontal grip pen method. Longitudinal grip pen and Wen Xiu acupuncture these three, these three thrush method is more common in our daily life You can carry out such a gesture operation, the following we briefly introduce.

1. horizontal grip pen: embroidered eyebrow pencil tip to the left, with the right hand of the thumb, index finger, middle finger grip pen, so embroidered eyebrow pencil before the first 1/4 close to the first joint of the middle finger, index finger first, The joints attached to the pen, thumb to suppress the pen, Eyebrow Pencil embroidered eyebrow pencil and arm was 90 degrees to the tip of the axis in the ulnar and radius of the rotation embroidered eyebrow pencil from the vertical state to the horizontal state at the same time, complete the action of embroidered eyebrow. This method is suitable for the left side of the eye by the surgeon and the right brow.

2. vertical grip pen: embroidery eyebrow pen tip forward, with the thumb, index finger, middle finger, such as grasping the pen method similar to hold the embroidered eyebrow pencil before - embroidered needle disinfection - ready to decorate the pigment 1/4 (different The middle finger should keep straight), ring finger, little thumb straight for the fulcrum from the supporting role, embroidered eyebrow pencil and arm was a straight line, Eyebrow Pencil the use of wrist up and down the same time embroidered eyebrow pencil from the vertical state to the state of the completion of embroidered eyebrow action The Longitudinal embroidery method for the text embroidered by the left side of the eye, the right side of the eyebrows.