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Eyebrow Pen To Buy Skills
Oct 27, 2017

Eyebrow pencil is a woman in daily life make-up tools essential to one of the most basic tools, and now the market a lot of cosmetics, pick a good eyebrow pencil can achieve a multiplier effect. So, when to buy eyebrow pen when the attention of what, what kind of eyebrow pencil color for their own? Xiaobian and Xiaobian to understand the following.

Eyebrow pen to buy skills and use, so you quickly have crush eyebrow pencil Even if you are not often make-up of people, must also be prepared in the side of a eyebrow pencil. Eyebrow pencil appearance is almost pencil look, and some at the other end with eyebrow comb. Select the eye makeup eyebrow pencil, Eyebrow Pencil the refills of the material to be slightly some beauty knowledge to buy the Heart, the general harder pen easier to control the color depth.

Eyebrow pencil classification:

There are many types of eyebrow pencils, there are automatic cut off the eyebrow pencil, the thickness of different refills of the eyebrow pencils, with automatic pen pen function of the pencil pencils, some with a brow at the end of the brush, and some need to use cut Pen cut. Can be based on their own needs, Eyebrow Pencil preferences and acceptable price to buy. Eyebrow pencil from the color up to class, black and brown two colors the most common, the pen has two kinds of plastic and wood, matched with metal or plastic pen holder.

Eyebrow pen buying skills:

In the selection of eyebrow pencil, the length of the pen must meet the requirements. Refills should be close to the pen, no loose phenomenon, the hardness of the refills should be moderate, the color should be close to the hair color is better, slightly lighter can also, do not use too deep, too dark, so that looks very fierce. Usually gray and black is better. In the past we all like to use brown, look to know is painted the eyebrow, not nature. Eyebrow Pencil If you must use brown, can be matched with a mixture of black and gray. Eyebrow Pencil The current eye makeup emphasizes eyebrows and eye consistency, so eyebrows can also brush the same color of eye shadow powder, looks will be quite nice.

Eyebrow pencil use:

Brow and nose and mouth into a straight line.

Mei Feng to draw in the eyes of the pupil side of the vertical up the place.

Eyebrows to draw in the end of the eye and the mouth of the straight line orientation.

In general, eye makeup selection eyebrow pencil color, according to their own skin color may be. But with brown eyebrow pencil painted eyebrows more natural harmony, but also according to the makeup of the shades to determine the eyebrows and shades; the same time, brown eyebrow pencil is more suitable for the eyebrows after the failure of the blue eyebrow eyebrow adjustment. Here to tell you eyebrow pencil - some other tips, so that the small eyebrow pencil to play the greatest role.

Eye shadow eyebrow pencils use: in the upper eyeliner above painted a thick eyeliner, Eyebrow Pencil with a cotton swab or fingers gently rub blooming open to form a natural brown eye shadow.

Lip gloss, lipstick eyebrow pencils use: brown lip line looks mature and stable, while the brown lip line is most suitable to adjust the asymmetry of the upper and lower lip. First with brown eyebrow pencil outline thicker lip line, and then coated with colorless lip balm, and then upper and lower lip a sip, Eyebrow Pencil natural skin color lipstick effect will be achieved. More than the requirements of the eye makeup eyebrow pencil soft texture, do not use pencil sharpener pen, and with a knife into a duckbill