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Eye Shadow Makes Your Eyes More Feminine
Sep 30, 2017

May be contrary to the expectations of many people, the history of eye shadow probably speak more than any kind of cosmetics are much earlier, it was born in the Pharaoh period of ancient Egypt, the legend of Egypt at that time, people are a flies Troubled, they can fly into the eyes of people lay eggs, causing a very serious eye disease, so people began to study a variety of measures to prevent it, and later found that blue and green malachite powder with sterilization around, only need to apply on the eyelids Flies will be difficult to close, Eyeshadow so people began to widely used, while women also found their eyes with blue and green set off after the look will be particularly God, the effect is very outstanding, up to the queen down to the women are very Of the popular, Eyeshadow so they developed a green, black and so on. Eye shadow on the birth of this.

Eye shadow is now people on the eye of the decorative tools, it will make your original monotonous eyelids become extravagant and vivid, so that your eye contours more three-dimensional, make your original swollen eyelids become no longer swollen, Will make your eyes no longer become more charming, correct your eyes. In many cases, we can also use the color of the eye to match the clothing, look more generous, more intriguing. Eyeshadow Makeup artist will also use the eye part of the lines painted some vivid things or pictures, such as flowers, leopard, lace, fantasy elements of the eye makeup are very popular in the network, close to the eyelids as if there is a painting. Eye shadow expression can also make your age change, or even gender. How can a fine makeup get it?

How to draw the natural eye shadow to note the following:

Eye shadow and makeup type, clothing color to coordinate; eye shadow blooming shape in line with the needs of eye type; color transition to be soft, multi-color eye shadow with rich and not cloudy.

Usually painted eye shadow there are two ways: one is three-dimensional blooming, one is water a blooming.

Dimensional blooming. That is, according to the method of catching the painting blooming, Eyeshadow the use of cool or vague so that the object has a sense of backward color, applied to the outer eyelid angle, the inner corner, brow and eye depression, the lower eyelid outside the corner of the eye and other parts Bright color applied to the bottom of the eyebrows and the middle of the eye skin, Eyeshadow shadow and bright color of the blooming to convergence of natural, bright and clean transition.

Horizontal blooming. First of all, the basic color applied to the upper eyelids, such as light brown, light pink, etc., then the dark eye shadow along the roots of eyelashes smear, and upward blooming, the use of color lighter and more light, starting from the roots of eyelashes, To the shallow gradient, under the brow with bright colors, color transition to be soft and natural.

In short, the use of eye shadow is the most important thing to look more natural, and also have a layer of faint melancholy, so the eye shadow on the makeup method must be controlled, this is the eye makeup tips.

As for how to draw the natural eye shadow method, during the day can use the brown series and gray series, the night use of blue and purple series; can also use the strip and powder eye shadow; Eyeshadow but do not remember to eye shadow painted outside the corner, So it will look natural. You can first thin layer of eye shadow, so that the skin with the eyelids blend with each other, close to the location of the eyelashes can be slightly thicker color, and then painted in the eye around the eyes dizzy, you can produce a natural three-dimensional sense.

Eye makeup and skin make-up, if you have been accustomed to make-up, sometimes can not help but worry, once the habit of habit, often in the unconsciously become more and more concentrated. So sometimes should be a little farther away from the mirror, Eyeshadow a good look at their own posture, so it will not have improper make-up.