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Eye Shadow Can Instantly Brighten Eye Makeup
Sep 11, 2017

Eye shadow is essential for eye makeup. Its effect is determined by the two tones of Ming and dark. Part of the cover-up is the shading method, or dark hue. The part that embodies the advantages is the "uniform method", that is, the eye shadow powder to be highlighted.

Eye shadow with rich color, can instantly brighten the eye makeup.

Eye shadow through the combination of color and shadow, so that the eye is more three-dimensional. Eye shadow has powder, stick, paste, eye shadow emulsion liquid and pencil shape, Eyeshadow and many other shapes, color is also rich and varied, through the color tension, make the whole face more three-dimensional moving. Here's how to play with different shades of eye shadow.

How to make eye shadow play the most important role

Eyeshadow is the test makeup color matching skills, remember to rub too much eye shadow, to rub on a little, slowly deepened, eyeshadow color also need to be used gradually. Eye shadow with lower shading, can be used to balance the eye highlights, but also to decorate the shape of the eye, white, light, bright color, Eyeshadow these have a higher intensity of eye shadow, the purpose of their use is to emphasize the depth of the site, or set off the part of the eye shadow, to understand the role of the use of color eyeshadow, Must be able to draw good eye makeup.

The effect of different color eyeshadow

1, Brown: a kind of earth color, is not easy to error, neutral color eyeshadow. Eyeshadow Makeup is generous and natural.

2, light red: soft, charming, can make the eyes appear bright and clear lovely feeling, but not suitable for the eyes slightly swollen female.

3, Purple: Has the mystery, may increase the eye obsequiousness, the nobility, the mellow feeling, the deep tonal eye shadow is suitable for the skin to be white the feminine.

4, Blue: Although the jump color eyeshadow good-looking, Eyeshadow but only can do decorative colors, only embellishment, not a large area of use.

5, Yellow: Can do decorative color, bright color eye shadow can be used to reconcile the eye dark sink, the formation of contrast.

6, Green: Can show young, youthful, refreshing feeling, Eyeshadow suitable for small area point tu, jump color eyeshadow.

7, Black: As an emphasis on the use of color, suitable for small area smear.