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Consumers Don't Like Going Into The Store? It's Because You Don't Understand Them
Mar 01, 2017

Many cosmetics boss is from last year on began complained has said business is increasingly bad do has, now for cosmetics of sales channel for is increasingly more, many consumers of purchase way is occurred has improved, face cosmetics market sales of this aspects, for many of cosmetics is no any of improved, such on will caused cosmetics shop cannot reached consumers needs, to appeared has consumption share of fell.
For different of crowd for in purchase of when often by select of way also said has is big of difference of, like is for some young consumers often in purchase cosmetics of when is not to cosmetics shop of, for some has economic capacity of on will select purchasing has, also has is for economic General of on will like to online promotions purchase, this fast section up of purchase way also became has they by like of.
Cosmetics are often not very professional
Selling cosmetics in when participating in conjunction with many other types of products, so when customers entered the store, select products, also feel that cosmetics are not very professional, for selected products are often there are a lot of questions, so cosmetics sales are subject to a great deal of resistance.
Cosmetics shops every day activities
Also has is for many of cosmetics shop to can attract more of consumers came to purchase, also will used many of promotions of way of, but for promotions activities for many people amount is very of like of, but if you wants to wants to if daily from this stores after, for by purchase of products also will every day do activities, is feel to himself has a fall of feel, until products of price recovery to price yihou, himself also not purchase has.
Makeup Dian return is often difficult to
For this cosmetics shop customers often use some adverse reactions encountered in the process, in return, they also have a lot of trouble, so buying customers also tend to be very distressed, so service is also a very important aspect.