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2016 China Beauty Trends
Mar 01, 2017

On February 26, the first financial and commercial data centers (CBNData) CAT released in Shanghai jointly the 2016 China beauty trends report. Report analyses the situation of domestic beauty industry, the growth rate of retail sales of social consumer goods continued to slide under the background of 2015 China beauty products retail trade reached 484.6 billion, maintaining an annual growth rate of about 20%, become the core categories of fast moving consumer goods industry growth. Due to the emerging category, channel sinks, and e-commerce "troika" pull the beauty market outshines, against the rise.
According to Alibaba collected from 407 million customers, more than 10 million businesses, basic information and data of the 1 billion items, people for the tireless pursuit of beauty, through a set of sets of data graphic in front of us.
First financial commercial data center joint days cat in Shanghai released 2016 China beauty makeup consumption trend report report displayed, Europe brand occupy consumers high-end mature market, has large faithful fans; to color diverse of makeup burst paragraph single products of day Han brand, with day Han culture of popular, get large young consumers of hold cluster; domestic brand to electric business for growth base, rise, main skin care category products, gathered has Super expert gas.
Qamdo, Tibet people love, levels Spike "Park Royal magic"
In recent years, the product line of beauty channel size to maintain rapid growth, increased 38.4 billion from 2011 to 2015 in 176.7 billion yuan, 10 times times the size by 2018 is expected to be close to the 2011 and online channel penetration will reach 43.6%. Line of beauty in the B2C sector, cat as a forerunner and leader of beauty, has a market share of up to 69.8%. Cat double 11 powerful boost product sales a day sales accounted for almost half of the entire line of beauty market.
CBNData report data show cats on the day price of beauty in the provinces with the highest ranking, more than Beijing, Shanghai, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Tibet, as "the most beautiful" province, qamdo, xigaze and nyingchi, West led the entire West of the city, as the West's most "face value" of the top three.
West Plaza to buy consumer, the economic base of mostly middle-aged women. Their online shopping experience, although there is no other area is rich in consumer, but economic power determines the consumption of higher grades. Estee Lauder, Lancome, Dior creams is their favorite.
By 2015, three or four urban proportion of consumers of high-end brand in Europe and has reached about 30%. Tibet, Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou and other provinces among the best index of consumer preference for premium brands in Europe and America. Europe and the big counters set up at the line opened three or four cities and new markets in Central and Western regions, make up for the shortcomings of the line lower cargo.
Episodes "show year", boosting Asian brand counter attack
Leveraging e-commerce consumers, Japanese and Korean brands completed the Chinese market "counter attack". CBNData report, 2014, the consumer preference for Japanese and Korean skin care products all the way up, on the one hand benefiting from domestic consumers improve the quality of life, but also, settled in the days of large numbers of Japanese and Korean brand Cat of beauty as well as Japanese and Korean TV drama hits, led the Japanese and Korean trends further affect the younger generation of Chinese.
Japanese and Korean cosmetics are under 28 years of age in hot pursuit of young consumers. The end of 2013, drama from the stars of your hit, setting off air BB craze, the explosions of reconstruction across the country, creating a cat of beauty industry turnover growth of the first quarter of 2014 peak.
Shandong, Hebei is rich in "flower boy"
In addition to the female consumer, CBNData reports indicate that both the single order of purchasing beauty products price or consumption grade, flower boy and little meat consumption power of beauty. And surprise is, according to Shandong and Hebei spend the most beautiful male, particularly in zaozhuang city of xingtai, laiwu, rich in "flower boy", they most love to buy men's care products, perfumes, facial cream, facial mask, subverting traditional stereotypes of the northern plain.
Business booster breaks offline channels for China's male cosmetic market many innate cognitive, domain is only one of them. CBNData data shows that one out of four after the small meat, has a bought man skin care product. Good washing is basic needs, little meat for toiletries, facial mask, toner, professional skin care products such as lotion appetite beyond imagination. It is learnt that the 2015 emulsion Shiseido men's sales in China up 10% from 2014, while overall men's skin care and growing much faster than the cat.
CBNData data also found that from 2014, the men increasingly high demand for cosmetic products, BB creams, eyebrow pencils, cosmetic products no longer are women-only. BB cream became the men's cosmetic products, buying accounted for more than 90%, that is to say, make-up men and almost everyone a BB cream! All kinds of cosmetic products, flower boy are most willing to spend money to buy a big Nail Polish and lip gloss. "Flower boy" spawned a new consumption trend, brand layout one of the male line of business guidelines.
Veteran "face control" is one of the most spending power gold
Electrical contractor provides brands with a younger, channel sinks, high-end new users. CBNData report shows growing three or four lines of urban consumers overseas beauty brand of high-end users. Overseas brands, the cat is the head of e-commerce platform not only provides a convenient shopping experience to consumers, more can help brand the channel sinks, offline channels failed to contact up to three or four lines in the Midwest City of consumers become brand advocates across the network. Meanwhile, the high-end beauty brand users transfer to the younger crowd, their spending will continue to increase in the future, become the biggest contributor of electricity consumption of beauty.
Cat analysis day user consumption habits of beauty can be found, these "hardcore chopping hands were" pursuing not only the face value, but a full range of quality of life. They use high-end skin care products at the same time, also favor the brand clothes, iPhone, big bags, the most spending power of the population belongs to the Internet. Data show that from 2015 onwards, high-end consumers prefer domestic brands in Europe and America, and they prefer buying high-end brand in cat's flagship store. Respect due cat platforms continue to introduce international high-end brands of beauty in this district, it also reflects consumers ' confidence in the online channel continue to strengthen of beauty.
In the process of transition to a new digital media, and as a television, newspaper, magazine, new media technology, integrated media platform for Research Institute and other media channels, business established in establishing new business information and data services, in order to better achieve the goals of financial information services. Improve the ability of financial data services is an important initiative launched its first financial and commercial data center (CBNData). First financial commercial data center (CBNData) is set data Visual of news, and commercial analysis report, and data automation Terminal Yu one of strategy data platform, since December 2015 established yilai, has gradually released China consumption trend report 2015, and China intelligent travel 2015 big data report, and 2016 China new year big data report, and 2016 Festival lifestyle consumption data report, annual big data report. This cooperation with the cat's 2016 China beauty trend report by electrical contractor of beauty categories, brands and consumers, the three dimensions, depth of domestic eco-beauty industry, insight into the age of the Internet and offline competition structure and development trend of the industry of beauty, anticipate future market prospects. Commercial data center has been the first to launch 60 professional data report, future reports will cover financial, logistics, commercial, food, clothing, and other businesses.