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Sunscreen SPF and PFA values are expanded
Mar 01, 2017

In the summer, the women are most concerned about Sun products. The sunscreen you choose, SPF30 right? then why do some Sunscreen SPF 50 or even 100?
Our cosmetic regulations for Sunscreen SPF identification and management are relatively conservative. Since 2002, requires SPF has a maximum value of 30,PAF +, ++, +++ three gears. However, the sources said, from December 2016, SPF and PFA values will be expanded.
SPF to expand enough sunscreen products
In the 2002 Edition of the hygienic standard for cosmetics, the State food and drug administration required Sunscreen SPF values and PFA value determination and identification of standards: SPF values between 2-30 (including 2 and 30), the SPF value greater than 30 and after subtracting the standard deviation is greater than 30, the maximum can only be identified as SPF30+; PAF is +, ++, +++ three gears. Because of this provision, open shelves in the supermarket, we can see, made the largest SPF 30 sunscreen. If you see 50 or higher SPF value, certainly foreign sunscreen brand.
Recently, the State food and drug administration released a report on the sunscreen products sunscreen displayed identity management requirements, from December 2016, Sunscreen SPF maximum scale from 30 to 50,PAF from +, ++, +++ three files, extended to ++++ four. For this standard change, cosmetics brand suppliers, song told reporters in Jinan, homemade sunscreen on the species and products may be more plentiful.
Yesterday, the reporter found some cosmetic shops in Jinan, in fact in some cosmetics shop, imported the SPF of the Sunscreen SPF value values according to its own label: for example, a Korean brand of BB cream, sunscreen while not specifically, but can be seen in its tank, SPF value callouts is 45.
Coating every two or three hours Sun
For a variety of SPF, what should we do to distinguish whether an SPF higher, means better sunscreen? said Mr song, represents defense UV SPF value of time, the longer UV higher defense. In many countries, we can often see SPF80 or even SPF100 very high SPF products. However, the blind pursuit of high value may not be able to make Sun more efficient. Daily SPF35 sunscreen will suffice, if outdoor activities for a long time, SPF50 Sun is recommended. However, regular sunscreen, are broken down easily in the Sun, even if the index to too high failure. Therefore, light stability became another key factor sunscreen.
In addition, the index is only one measure of sunscreen standards, method of use is also important: every 2 to 3 hours sunscreen coating, is an important step in ensuring Sun effects.
Hospital for skin laser cosmetic in Jinan Branch Director WANG, Xiaolin said, really good sunscreen, but also to make sunscreen a habit. Women do buy sunscreen in the summer, however, the real Sun protection habits account for only a small number. Also, use sunscreen doesn't have to be summer. Real practice, regardless of seasons, sunny or rainy days, indoor or outdoor, you should apply sunscreen. On the choice of sunscreen, theoretically speaking, the SPF value, the more the better.
In addition, when choosing a sunscreen, except for SPF, you also need to look closely at whether cause irritation to eyes or skin. Sunscreen for children in particular, need to confirm whether the eye is safe.
How many appropriate questions for sunscreen use, the World Health Organization issued amount of sunscreen used as a 800 mg, about equal to the two finger joints of women or RMB 1 coin size.