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Shopping cosmetics how true
Mar 01, 2017

Cosmetics, luxury has become a fake hit on the online shopping platform. Yiqian, fake cosmetics are more concentrated in the higher-priced brands. But now, not only big in Europe and America, also occurs frequently in recent days of the Korea-us makeup fake problems. A cosmetics sales Insider further revelations, "said shoddy", "genuine fake" is already fake skin care products the public's "secret". And high imitation product differences have been getting smaller and smaller, for the consumer, products identification of true and false becomes more difficult. In this regard, the professionals to provide consumers with five ways to identify counterfeit cosmetics.

1, find the right scent
Most skin care products have their own regular flavor, if you use the product, it's easy to find the fake taste clearly are not the same. If you might have previously used products, we recommend to store counter trial experience, to understand the look and feel and smell.

2, check the package
Authentic makeup is strictly sealed, many
Big bottle in plastic packaging bearing the seal may look transparent sealing and packing time on coding, exclude some fake risk. In addition, you can carefully comparing brands official website picture of the packaging and bottle, shape, color, if there is a obvious bias also have to be careful.

3, pull the words engraved

Consumer use after a period of time will find cosmetics bottle trademarks or words engraved paint fade, alerted to possible buy a "fake". Because the big brand packaging bottles of exquisite workmanship more
Good, generally for several years are not trademarks and paint fade. Consumers use dig tool or fingernail to pull a bottle, if you find easily pull out patterns and words, are likely to encounter a fake.

4, see sealing foil
Good skincare products, cleanser foil sealed, smell and the liquid won't leak. Observe the uniformity of tin foil, burrs, shape, size, and pipe fitting. Gently pull and tear easily. Original sealed tin foil round all, thickness and material is exquisite. In addition if you have big name skin care products used to bubble seal paper, almost can tell if it is a fake.

5, the toothpaste tube inflatable
Toothpaste tube type of genuine cosmetics, generally there is no aeration, the body fat phenomenon, but a little flat. Meet bulging bottle behind him, can be more than other methods, synthetic judgments are fakes.