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Purchase well-known brands of cosmetics how to tell over the Internet?
Mar 01, 2017

Internet search, online shopping can be found in many brands of cosmetics businesses, most of the imports are sold, and the price is also lower than that of a, to dazzle you. How to distinguish cosmetics true or false?

See text. In domestic sales, you should use a standard simplified Chinese characters, not using traditional Chinese characters, or other. The height of the font has also been provided for, cannot be less than 1.8 mm. Print clearly, no fading.

Country of origin. For imported products, should indicate the country of origin or country of origin. According to the judgement of the situation in the country, as if French cosmetics prices are low, is basically false, labor cost increases in transportation costs and taxes, not cheap.

View the imported cosmetics licensing approval number. Online with the number, you can look up related information, you can review the information is consistent with the cosmetics.

See if there are dealers. In domestic sales, should have the appropriate dealers in China for product sales, or formal official website, view can then query information about distributors, for further determination.

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