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Mascara do I do?
Mar 01, 2017

Mascara is love makeup girls must-have cosmetics, but often unused dry, throw them away and not willing to give up, stay or, in short, let the sister paper in great distress, so what mascara do? how to kill mascara? small series of tips!

Tip one:

Pierce the vitamin e capsule and pour it into the mascara, then shake several times, until the mascara shake so far, oil-rich in vitamin e capsules, not only has become a solid solubility of mascara, mascara and vitamin e also plays a role in growth, will allow you to brush eyelashes at the same time, growing eyelashes, Oh!

Tip Two:

Pour into a large container of boiling hot water, and then put the mascara sealed solid, put it into the container by using the hot-soak for 3 minutes, can also be appropriate to soak it longer and make mascara melts more thoroughly, and makeup.

Tip three:

Usual perfume, you can also get rid of mascara to dissolve, just two drops, not too much, and then gently shake the bottle of mascara, if girls do not have sensitive skin problems to try this method, because the perfume contains a certain amount of alcohol may stimulate the skin around the eye, if you change toner is good.

Tip four:

Toner skin care process, kill mascara can also save Wow! is also just two drops, too much can dilute mascara, making it very difficult putting on makeup.