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Inspection and quarantine alert: European cosmetic Benzophenone-3 reduce the maximum size to 6%
Mar 01, 2017

Jiangsu Changshu adhering to the General Administration of quality supervision inspection and quarantine "to data, technology law enforcement" has been committed to providing quality service.
On February 10, 2017, publish regulations by the Commission of the European Union (EU) 2017/238, proposed amendments to the cosmetic regulations (EU) No 1223/2009 Appendix IV, Benzophenone- -3 (Benzophenone-3) in the maximum amount of use in sunscreen cosmetics in reduced from 10% to 6%, the Ordinance in the official entry into force 20 days after publication in the official journal of the European Union, and on September 3, 2017.
Changshu inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed of the news, immediately notify the European cosmetics companies in the area to remind exporters tracked the progress of the Bill, and strict control of the ingredients used in products for export. According to the Bureau's export cosmetic inspection personnel, Benzophenone- -3 (Benzophenone-3) can be used as sunscreen in cosmetics, many countries are allowed to use, but overdose a carcinogen, so to impose restrictions on the maximum amount of use in cosmetics to prevent health risks to consumers. Technical specifications of the cosmetic safety provisions, cosmetic use of Benzophenone-3 the maximum allowable concentration of 10%.
Test quarantine sector reminded lost Europe cosmetics production enterprise, to strictly according to EU requirements to control export cosmetics quality, especially components and dosage above, export products destination and China requirements may exists differences, recommends enterprise in for products design Qian clear purpose national/area requirements, strengthening and importers of communication, except to meet products quality effect, needs outside, especially to particularly concern ban limited with material, prevent using or by other raw materials with into disabled material, avoid Super range using limited with material.