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Cosmetics the new rules come into operation tomorrow: the consignee shall apply for the record
Mar 01, 2017

Cosmetics import barriers further. The consignee record within the imported cosmetics, import records and records management rules will come into force on March 1. The provisions on imports of cosmetics consignee within record detail, import and sales records provided, indicates that China imported cosmetics, like imported foods will realize process of information back.

"In recent years, with consumers ' living standards and consumption demand diversification of imported cosmetics trade volume showed a trend of rapid growth in China. The ' Twelve-Five ' period, the country imported cosmetic products grew from $2.2 billion to us $4 billion, with an average annual growth rate reached 16%. Cosmetic and consumer health and safety is closely related to the cosmetic kind more components more complex, and potentially increasing risk. In recent years, detection of imported cosmetics failed batch has also increased, failed mainly due to a detected banned regulated substances, microbiological standard,. There is an urgent need to further strengthen the monitoring of imported cosmetics and traceability management. "

According to the regulations, imported cosmetics consignee shall apply in the territory for the record, record content including business license, enterprise quality security management system and so on. Meanwhile, must set up a sound system of cosmetics import and sales records.

Among them, the import record including the name, brand of cosmetics, size, weight, value, production batches and restrictions on the use of date or production date and shelf life, country of origin, trade in countries or regions, production and processing company name and information, and so on.

Sales include imported cosmetics name, size, weight, batch and restrictions on the use of or production dates and information such as the date, the date of sale, recall records including recall reasons, self analysis, emergency response, and follow-up measures, and so on.