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China entered the age of full foam, brand new strategies to help enterprises to break
Mar 01, 2017

The beginning of the year, on the real estate bubble, asset bubbles are surging industrial bubble debate was benevolent see benevolence. But for odds information consulting in Guangzhou, China now is not just a real estate bubble, asset bubbles and industrial foam, but bubbles. After nearly 40 years of Chinese society glitz even rapacious growth, leading to severe overcapacity and polarization in all walks of the social fault.

Chinese community faced not just eliminating the real estate industry bubble, financial deleveraging coupled with serious industrial capacity issues as well as the problem of social innovation and cultural creation! In China's traditional culture on innovation and industrial upgrading of capacity, Chinese intelligence industry should lead the progress of significant historical mission.

But China trade mission to play an important social and itself faces a dilemma of cultural innovation and technological innovation. This dilemma in the intelligence industry in China by the Chinese society for nearly 40 years the glitz effects of growth, fully reflects the deep-rooted traditional Chinese culture – no be no philistine culture is not strong. Three days on can learn finished all heart chicken soup courses, and from strategy and strategy of empty of implementation force, and fell can't to of landing programme and brain hole big open of creative and the glittering of insight, patterned routine of of advisory, all reflected has China traditional culture of to moral judge for Center of for WINS who statements, for strong differentiation, to weak to fun of secular culture, lack science consciousness and science quality, blind of worship, fine of egoism, pursuit progress of career economic.

This is China's bubble! Philosophy of philistine, Nobel Prize too far, innovation too tired, Chase fame, from the elite rich, satisfied with personal success, lack of nationality and era sense of play. In the popular philistine culture, the so-called science and technology are the first productive forces, must give way to trickery, and corrosion of power, plunder and occupy a variety of public resources. Intelligence industry in China is precisely that of the philistine culture advocates with advocates, trainers hustle in the large lecture hall, large and small abound among a variety of publicity.

In whole China needs innovation to drive economic growth, to cultural innovation to address the challenges of the future world when Guangzhou odds information consulting company with new marketing concept for the majority of businesses and community organizations to provide new market research, competitive intelligence, marketing and brand management and strategic advisory services.

With all glittering of God insight and the brain hole big open of odd people creative difference from of is, Guangzhou odds put himself of service based put in professional of solid of science of market research and the market dynamic monitoring above, to better of promoted China business to capacity of of, real estate to inventory of social requirements, Guangzhou odds has number company face general business enterprise launched has brand management promotion package. The package to brand effect monitoring for based, covers national seven big regional, 60 a city sampling box, 2000+ consumers sample, to joined of enterprise provides brand effect monitoring data and report and the brand effect diagnosis report, market value Yuan 100 Yuan of service products, now only received Yuan 20,000 yuan of promotion price, help enterprise established brand, do enterprise of brand management, to reduced China social in to capacity of of process in the of loss!

Faced with increasingly, minority consumers, media fragmentation, spreading social stratification, brand effectiveness decreased and the high cost of brand-building applications and business data and intelligent trend, the traditional serious challenges on brand management theory and practice, that 4 a advertising is dead, already dead have never ceased advertising!